Product Inquiry Trail and Response system (PrITR)

Amidst the complexities of the variety of product information received, it is indeed a challenge to keep track history of the details pertaining to different product inquiries, including the type of inquiry and in which area should it be appropriately categorized.

In the current scenario, companies want to track all the product relevant information, which we may term as Pro-pharmacovigilance (in support of pharmacovigilance) and deal with all sorts of customer and health care professional issues which have broadly been segregated as inquiries. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Product specific inquiry such as dosing regimen, to be taken with/without meals
  • Medical information inquiry: Question of healthcare professionals on drug usage technique, query on drug package leaflet etc.
  • Product complaints – defect in physical packaged form, damaged formulation
  • Adverse event(s) after drug intake/administration including medication error, overdose, off label use or lack of efficacy
  • Other inquiries: Any other general inquiry that does not fall in the above criteria

This is a simple flowchart representing the product inquiry process in brief:

Ultimate Objectives that can be achieved using the Inquiry module

We can further analyze the information received in order to:

    • keep a track of the inquiries that were generated
    • ensure that all the customer and HCP queries are dealt with and documented
    • knowing timely the problems and issues faced for the marketed product
    • timely detection of a potential adverse event or other drug use problems
    • analyzing trends generated of these inquiries for a product and hence, finding root-cause
    • track product history through recorded information
    • improving the quality of responses generated through quality assurance and training
    • prepare FAQs and material for common and frequent inquiries
  • PrITR-flow