Post-marketing Safety Reporting

PvEdge has a strategic dashboard that allows for a quick overview of the safety dataset. Various elements of dashboard include: Notice board, Workflow efficiency, PSUR–PADER alerts, Follow-up alerts, Expedited and Non-expedited alerts facilitating timely informed decisions ensuring compliance with the legal requirements for pharmacovigilance tasks and responsibilities. It allows for appropriate manpower resource allocation depending on the current workload.

  • Provides a quick overview facilitating faster informed decisions
  • Alerts for pending cases facilitates easy task management
  • Workflow efficiency helps to identify bottlenecks and manages even distribution of work
  • Follow-up alerts help track all follow-ups and set reminders according to in-built escalation rules till case closure
  • Country Inbox facilitates auto scheduling of reports based on in-built regulatory submission rules
  • Alerts for PSUR-PADER reports submission ensures aggregate report compliance
  • Integrated Outlook mailing facility for appropriate timely actions