Case Routing

  • Case routing is the mechanism to allot cases in PvEdge amongst users working as case processors. It is a key enhancement that allows case processors to manage their volume of cases. In PvEdge, case is simply assigned to respective user in the dynamic workflow of pharmacovigilance case processing.

    Better workload delegation between current users can be ensured if the PV manager knows how much cases are available between and within workflows! It holds essential benefits whenever case/ICSR is transferred from one to another workflow back and forth.

    Following objectives can be achieved:

    • Know productivity of each user
    • Ensures accountability for case transfer
    • Know the present user working on case
    • Case send back in previous workflows is also routed for one case-one user approach
    • Track reasons for case transfer as a part of case life cycle
    • Helps in audits which may require to confirm workflow processes and user review carried out
    • Re-allocate cases/ICSR(s) in absence of a user
    • User case assignment matrix provides unique option to route case to specific users in channel
  • Case routing from Data entry to Submission user


    The workflow is configurable