MedDRA auto-update
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MedDRA auto-update

An efficient solution to speed up overall coding process with each MedDRA version update

MedDRA coding is one of the prime essentials for a case processor. MedDRA coding basics should be kept in mind for each workflow user to ensure correct coding practices. However, amidst large volume of data and sources also from which potential ICSRs are received may be plenty, it is indeed a cumbersome task to do/code and review quality coding; mapping with the source document and/or the significant information provided on the case.

PvEdge simplifies your task by allowing you to perform auto-update in cases.

MedDRA auto-update helps you speed up overall coding process with each MedDRA version update.

Why PvEdge?

  • Auto-update of cases performed based on standard logics
  • Auto-update of workflow/submitted/locked cases at user’s discretion
  • Auto-update report in PvEdge for a snapshot view and quicker review
  • Auto-update possible across various product segments – medicinal products, vaccines and medical device MedDRA coding
  • Allows signal evaluation based on latest MedDRA version for all cases, if updated
  • Auto-update performed in few minutes to hour(s) depending on size of data