How Digital Robots Helps to enhance automations in Drug Safety Database

How Digital Robots Helps to enhance automations in Drug Safety Database

Automized data is essential in the fields of pharmacovigilance and medical safety. Pharmaceutical firms and regulatory authorities are always looking for creative ways to enhance automation and make it more comprehensible due to the increase in adverse and reverse effects. These digital bots provide a range of functionalities that improve automation, from evaluation to case processing, along with literature document upload.

Withdraw the literature article from database source has following steps :

Evaluation : Evaluation plays an important role in the Pharmacovigilance Safety Database by ensuring safety and efficacy and identifying adverse events.

There are two stages of evaluation :

Primary Evaluation: It starts by removing duplicate articles and categorizing them. Articles go through a quality check to ensure product-specific articles, articles of interest, selection, or rejection of an article, etc.

Secondary Evaluation: In this step, a re-evaluation is done of selected articles and articles of interest. Analysis of author implication and identify valid individual case safety reports.

Medical Assessment : In Medical Assessment for Drug Safety Database reviewer examines the impact of Individual Case Study Reports(ICSR)  to finalize the author’s selection or rejection of an article.

Direct Case Creation : After the medical assessment, final case creation is done for the selected literature article. Which includes the patient’s medical history, the drug involved, and any adverse-reverse events that occurred. This step assures all data is accurate for further analysis in the Drug Safety Database.

Case Processing, along with Literature Document upload :

Manually track records of who makes requests for articles, tracking full-text article requests and vendor costs. It aids in vendor budget expenditure and tracking of different vendors for purchasing the full text.

Conclusion :

Digital bots are transforming the Pharmacovigilance Safety Database through quality processes and building up efficiency. From evaluation to case processing, along with literature document upload, these steps increase automation in the Drug Safety Database. Pharmaceutical companies enhance drug safety analysis in an efficient manner and improve safety by monitoring automation. Pharmacovigilance has a better future with digital bots.

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