PvEdge® – Multisource Inbox and Triage

In Pharmacovigilance mailbox management in a very critical aspect to deal with as the cases/information comes from multiple sources such as client’s source documents, emails, fax, literature articles, and regulatory XMLs. For PV service providers, it becomes very difficult to analyze and process the data which comes from various sources in the mailbox, which results in spending additional resources and more time on the non-productive activity like mailbox handling.


Why PvEdge®?

PvEdge® offers a specific clinical trial pharmacovigilance functionality to handle complete life cycle of clinical ICSRs. PvEdge® ensures better risk-benefit profiling of New Chemical Entities (NCEs)/Investigational New Drugs (INDs) which are under pipeline for regulatory approval, which facilitates early signal detections before the marketing approval of the investigational product. Following objectives can be achieved.

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