Case Routing Workflow

Case workflow management is very critical task in the meeting the global regulatory compliance in pharmacovigilance activities, which involves accurate case prioritization and its timely submission within stipulated regulatory timelines.

Case routing is the mechanism to manage accurate movement of the case through the different workflows in the database which is also responsible for assigning the cases in PvEdge amongst users working as case processors/QC user/Medic user (MRs). It is a key enhancement that allows case processors to manage their volume of cases.


Why PvEdge?

In PvEdge, case can be simply assigned to respective user in the dynamic workflow of pharmacovigilance case processing.

PvEdge follows standard workflow for case routing from Advance user to Medical user to QC user to Submission user. Better workload delegation between current users can be ensured if the PV manager knows how much cases are available between and within workflows.

Whenever a case/ICSR is transferred from one to another workflow back and forth. It holds many essential benefits as described below:

Functional efficiency

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