PvEdge® – Controlled Document Management

PV Document management system provides a user-friendly, easy to implement and use contemporary document management system to create, review, approve, manage and archive documents electronically. It provides improved collaboration, workflow efficiency and compliance.

PV Document management system serves three distinct objectives:

Document Control

It helps in managing and controlling documents like SOPs, Contracts, SDEA, Work Instructions, user manuals, specifications, etc. It also helps in tracking document distribution and retrieval of controlled copies. The complete audit trail of each version and modifications of each document is easily available.

Automated Report Compilation

PV Document management system also offers unique and intelligent connectors which can seamlessly connect with any safety database and other systems to offer automation in periodic aggregate report compilation like PADER, DSUR and PBRER.

eCTD Publishing (PADER/PSUR)

This tool not only helps in authoring automation of various reports, it also offers a fully compliant eCTD publishing solution to submit the reports prepared to various agencies.

Features and Benefits

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