Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in Pharmacovigilance (PV) operations

Much of the effort in PV is focused on identifying,

Continuous refinement of Pharmacovigilance regulations in Arab countries

Pharmacovigilance (PV) significance and cognizance is constantly growing amongst pharma

Veterinary Pharmacovigilance – Few guidance extracts

Veterinary medicinal products (VMPs) also require safety monitoring to addresses

Pooling meaningful data from vast Pharmacovigilance database for Regulatory periodic reports

There exist regional and universal guidelines emphasizing the type and

Mechanism to extract adverse experience reports output for US FDA

Periodic safety reports are prepared as a part of periodic

Solution to Periodic safety submissions (PADER/PAER reports) through eCTD submission software

The Regulatory industry is witnessing huge transformations. Some new regulations

Pharmacovigilance discipline merger with IT would witness major electronic transformation

E2B XML was a remarkable turning point in pharmacovigilance for

Branded softwares in Pharmacovigilance: Are we being unduly ‘overgenerous’ in name of Regulatory compliance!

This blog presents Industry expert’s views and expresses their opinions

Gearing up for a smooth transition to ISO-IDMP standards: Planning step-wise

In pharmacovigilance and in this industry largely, striking a regulatory

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